WIN FULL Come Along 4 Ton Lever Hoist 2 Gear Power Puller Winch Hand Ratcheting 3 Hooks

WIN FULL Come Along 4 Ton Lever Hoist 2 Gear Power Puller Winch Hand Ratcheting 3 Hooks


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WIN FULL Come Along  4 Ton Lever Hoist 2 Gear  Power Puller Winch Hand Ratcheting 3 Hooks


Moving Heavy Equipment
Tighten Fencing
Landscaping such as removing tree stumps or debris
Assist in loading a boat on to a trailer
Standard Series – Perfect for the home mechanic
All Steel Construction – Made From Heavy Gauge Flat Stock Steel
Drop Forged Safety Steel Hooks .
360 Degree Hanging Catching Hook
Non-Slip Cusion Grip Handle
Heavy Duty Aircraft Cable
Heavy Duty Ratchet and Pawl
Two-wheel Ratcheting Gearbox
Portable Hand Winch

Do not overload 

Visually inspect puller 

Do not pull around a corner

Do not use any other device to increase leverage 

Never wrap cable around an object and reconnected to the pullerer’s body or cable


  • Pulls 4 Tons (8,000 lb)
  • Drop Forged Self
  • Closing Safety Catch Hooks
  • High Tensile Strength Cable
  • Aircraft-Grade Braided Steel Cable
  • Hardened All-Steel Construction
  • Breaking strength:4TCable:6mm*3mPackage(cm):71*23*29 Single gear,single line,3 hooks



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  • Q: What maintenance is required? 

    A little preventative maintenance will ensure a long winch life. You should regularly lubricate all grease points, inspect all bolts, all electrical connections (even at the battery) and cable. Check to ensure there is no worn coatings or corrosion on electrical connections, and that all connections are tight. Check for wear, flat spots and broken strands on your wire rope. Damaged or worn cable should be replaced.


    Q:How much pulling power do I require?

    You need a winch to be powerful enough to pull your vehicle while overcoming the added resistance caused by an obstacle, moving water, mud, snow or sand on a steep hill. Choose a winch with a maximum line pull of at least 1.5 times greater than the gross vehicle weight.


    Q.  Can I increase the line speed of my worm gear winch?

     Yes, but you will lose about half of your pulling power. On electric winches, a simple exchange of gears can provide up to a 50% line.

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