Black WIN FULL 1200LBS/544KGS 2-Ways Steel Cable Hand Winch Manual Car Boat Camping

Black WIN FULL 1200LBS/544KGS 2-Ways Steel Cable Hand Winch Manual Car Boat Camping


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Black WIN FULL 1200LBS(544KGS) 2-Ways Steel Cable Hand Winch Manual Car Boat Camping


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Feature: Reversible ratchet to allow cranking webbing or cable onto the drum in either direction.

Load matched gear ratios for easier cranking.

Positive action brake can hold the load in any position.

Heavy duty winch body, Standard mounting holes.

Mechanical components enclosed for protection.

Surface Treatment: Powder coating and zinc plating.

Carbon steel heat treated bushes, shaft and gears.

Resistant to bad weather, Easy to mount, Portable.

Mooring Hook Equipped with a Safety pawl.

Black 1200LBS Gear System Cable Hand Winch

One Year Commercial Warranty With High Quality

Heavy duty winch body,Standard mounting holes

Resistant to bad weather,Easy to mount,Portable

 Product Description:

Steel Cable :4.2mm (Φ) x 10m (L)

Maximum Pulling Capacity: 1200LBS/540kgs

Overall Dimensions: 250mm x 100mm x 160mm

Handle Length: 225mm

Drum-Hub Dia: 18mm


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  • Q: What maintenance is required? 

    A little preventative maintenance will ensure a long winch life. You should regularly lubricate all grease points, inspect all bolts, all electrical connections (even at the battery) and cable. Check to ensure there is no worn coatings or corrosion on electrical connections, and that all connections are tight. Check for wear, flat spots and broken strands on your wire rope. Damaged or worn cable should be replaced.


    Q:How much pulling power do I require?

    You need a winch to be powerful enough to pull your vehicle while overcoming the added resistance caused by an obstacle, moving water, mud, snow or sand on a steep hill. Choose a winch with a maximum line pull of at least 1.5 times greater than the gross vehicle weight.


    Q.  Can I increase the line speed of my worm gear winch?

     Yes, but you will lose about half of your pulling power. On electric winches, a simple exchange of gears can provide up to a 50% line.

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